1. Chris Brown- Look At Me Now (King’s Lost His Goddamned Mind Remix)
2. Culprate- Airline
3. Persist- This Sound (No Comply)
4. Dirt Monkey- Imperial March
5. RUN DMT- Midnight (Trowa Remix)
6. Messinian, SPL, Triage- Smash The Set (Hollowpoint)
7. Dirt Monkey- Rumble Bee
8. Cyberoptics- Geisha VIP (Play Me Records)
9. Lick The Sound- Jet Pack Assassin
10. Freestylers- Frozen (Cookie Monsta Remix)
11. The Qemists- Dirty Words (Ninja Tune)
12. Breakfast- Every Night feat. Jeannine Hebb- (SPL Remix)
13. Trowa- Boochie Boochie Bango
14. Blaqstarr- Rider Girl (Nadastrom Remix)
15. Le Doom- One Minute Moombah
16. Trowa- Headhunter
17. Dr P.- Watch Out (Froskees & Joaquin Moombacore Remix)
18. RUN DMT- Madness
19. Foreign Beggars- Solace One feat. Black Sun Empire (Never Say Die)
20. Jungle Fever aka Gein- Fuck Errybody
21. FS & Reid Speed- Bass Monster (Play Me Records)
22. Babylon System vs Truth- Murderous
23. Geoff Bukk- Spastic (BroTown)
24. Dieselboy, Evol Intent, Ewun- Midnight Express (SPL, Ill Gates, Triage Remix)
*Metallica- Enter Sandman
25. Calvertron- The Grid (Rottun)
26. Troublegum- This Is The Law (Specimin A Remix) (Future Perfect)
27. Dubsidia- Ganja Monsta (Play Me Too)
28. Drop Top & Figure- We Are Warriors (Calvertron Remix) (Jack Knife)
29. J.Rabbit & Tremourz- Sexy Party (Terravita Remix) (Play Me Records)
30. Cutty Ranks- Limb By Limb (RUN DMT 2011 Remix)
31. Futurebound- Blind Cobbler’s Thumb (Tantrum Desire Remix) (Viper)
32. RUN DMT- Drop Top (Play Me Too)
33. Evol Intent- Thursday Session
*Food Fight Intro
34. Zen- Rhubarb & Custard (Taxman Remix) (Flip Audio)
35. Trowa Feat. Armanni Reign- Nightfire (Play Me Records)
36. DC Breaks- Take That (Ram Records)
37. Phace- Desert Orgy
38. KPC- Devastate (Play Me Too)
39. Gein & Counterestrike- 666
40. DZ- In The Cut (Chronos)
41. Adroa- Battlefield (Rottun)
42. Nicky Minaj- Did It On Em
43. The Cataracts feat. Dev- Top Of The World (Proper Villains Remix)

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